The PSPB Table Tennis Academy was established in 1994 in collaboration with SAI and TTFI to develop players who are capable of successfully performing at junior and subsequently at the senior international stage and who will progress up the TTFI player development pathway. PSPB is focused in building a strong team that can continue and achieve good results for the years to come. PSPB aims at becoming a High Performance Center in the world.

  • Provide high quality coaching to players from a young age (8 year onwards)
  • Bring about real and sustained increases in the quality and quantity of Indian skilled table tennis players (currently 15 players) with an objective to help India achieve an Olympic Medal.
  • Develop a network of young player feeder programmes (cadet age group) that provide an appropriate supply of players in to the National team at different age groups.

The PSPB Table Tennis Academy is responsible for the delivery of the Player Development programme with the following objectives:

  • Establish an academy squad of between 15-20 athletes initially aged 8 years and above
  • Establish/provide a team of coaches (International + Indian)
  • Deploy a International Head Coach to lead the programme (in conjunction with Table Tennis Federation of India)
  • Establish and deploy a pool of appropriate sparring partners for sessions.
  • Focus on teaching the basic skills of table tennis in addition to technical and tactical development, ensure and evidence appropriate physical, psychological and lifestyle management training and education provision/opportunities are available.
  • Establish an appropriate athlete monitoring system (maintaining ITTF Standards).